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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Sequels We Hope Will Never Happen

(submitted by karebear)

10. The emergency broadcast test (I hate the news...)
9. Jurassic Park 4: Yet another Island (Gustavoman)
8. Major League IV: Luxury Tax and Escrow Percentages (TheRob)
7. Survivor, Season 29: Corporate Ladder (Nigel)
6. Star Trek 9: Captain Kirk's Colonoscopy - Truly, Where No Man Has Gone Before (Fire Photon Torpedoes!)
5. Howard the Duck 2: The Feast (Lil Bill)
4. Dude, Where's My Moped? (Sasquatch)
3. Florida Election 2004 (Tristan Forever, Will Jones)
2. Men in White (only playing until Labor Day) (NatsCoyGoyToyBoy)
1. Cinderella Part 2: The Divorce (Athene)

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