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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Differences While Stephanie Ran the List

10. Less talk, more rock (Laffman)
9. All of the "i's" were dotted with hearts. (GC3, Maniac Bob)
8. Y... you mean, I actually sent a suggestion to... a girl? Ewww, cooties! (Leaper)
7. All F's were replaced by PH's. (AckThwap)
6. Stephanie, not used to this volume of humor, actually bust her gut laughing three times and had to be rushed to the ER each time. (Tristan)
5. Top Ten List didn't smell all dank and musty like a men's locker room. (Faux Pas)
4. Biweekly keggers to celebrate new lists reduced from two kegs to just one. (Laffman)
3. Christian and Scott's book deal just became muddier. (Bob Clemmons)
2. WE MISSED YOU! Well, I didn't, but someone somewhere must have. Statistically speaking. (And then there were squirrels)
1. She never left Monday's lists for Tuesday... (Leaper, (Who says I'm not busy?) JDAii)

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