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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Secrets about Hello Kitty

(submitted by Magik)

10. Once put out a contract on Pikachu's head, then cancelled it three days later with no explanation. (Faux Pas)
9. Couldn't stop eating freshly baked cookies, so had mouth surgically removed to control weight. (not very nice!)
8. Those whiskers? Surgically enhanced. (pandasrule)
7. The different characters are actually a secret code used by Japanese child-spies to communicate with their handlers in America. (Now where'd they move that Sanrio store??)
6. Her bow was stolen from Ms. Pac Man. (Steve Weiss)
5. Uses steroids to achieve large head size. (not Me)
4. She was created by the Japanese to prove that Americans will buy anything they think may be a Cartoon tie-in. (jencat)
3. Once a month, in a PMS mood swing, she beats the crap out of Garfield. (xporter)
2. Has a secret adult identity, "Hello Sailor!" (slipkid)
1. My Melody's dissapperance in the 90s was no accident. (Steve Weiss)

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