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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Not to Date the Hot Girl Next Door

(submitted by what about doug?)

10. When you were both kids, she had a tendency to rip ken's head off during playdates. (it's not "huh" it's "eh?")
9. You live above the arctic circle and next door is a good nine-day dogsled ride away. (Thomas Palsson)
8. Ten years ago, she was your babysitter. (comic book guy)
7. Her dad is "The Rock." (me)
6. Those annoying comments from other people in the restaurant all night - "Oh, she must be doing some charity work." (aviva llyra)
5. You never quite got over that bit in "Golden Eye" where the evil Bondgirl strangles that guy with her thighs. (pazzie)
4. Cuz you live in a trailer, and "hot" means "has more teeth than kids." (allannero)
3. She clashes with your geek image. (Bow-wow Scoo)
2. Who wants to hate somebody who lives right next door? (Zobo Trik)
1. Hot girl? Alone? Something must be wrong with her. (dbcooper, Yeldarb, The dung queen., silver girl, Hot Girl Next Door)

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