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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Public Service Announcements

(submitted by Miranda)

10. "Help control the animal population - roll your windows up when you go into the store." (Major Tom)
9. Hi. I'm Brad Pitt. I don't run with scizzors, and neither should you! (Bob Clemmons)
8. The national weather service has issued a severe bird dropping warning for the following counties... (The Grill is On...)
7. "We pardon the interruption, but could Dave Blinkins please call your mom. She misses you." (Chris Pittman)
6. "I'm George W. Bush for Mensa...." (bluebottle66)
5. This is the dead ghost of Chris Farley, here to remind you: Just say no! (Laffman)
4. "Remember kids, this is Paul Mitchell reminding you that friends don't let friends get split ends." (msjulianne)
3. Have you checked your dairy expiry dates today? (Blondito's a Babe)
2. "Smokers die younger. Light up and save MediCare." (VISGOTH)
1. Remember - don't eat batteries. It could save your life. (TheRob)

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