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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs the Backstreet Boys are CIA Spies

(submitted by The dung queen)

10. You didn't think those headsets were for singing, did you? (Krig the Viking)
9. The synchronized dance moves, when done backwards, are actually codes being sent to operatives around the world. (it's all a conspiracy against me)
8. The government needed a new way to infiltrate top secret slumber party information. (jenmini)
7. Their cover was blown on 60 Minutes when a reporter got her hands on a classified copy of "Operation: Teen Drone." (TheRob)
6. Suspiciously large amount of international travel, with no apparent work ever being done (krayZpaving)
5. They lip-sync so that they don't reveal their real voices. (Tha GuRL.)
4. You never see them and Elvis at the same time. (
3. Otherwise unexplainable presence in "Hottest CIA Spies 2002" calendar (The Turnip)
2. The whole world hates them and yet, they're still alive. They must be tougher than we think. (heinous noise they ain't music, neither)
1. No one could possibly write music that bad unintentionally. They must be up to something. (beetlebones)

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