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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons the Cow Jumped Over the Moon

(submitted by mr. x)

10. Farmer Brown's hands were just a WEE bit too cold this morning. (Muffle's Love Slave, Aaron Voisine, Oops I did it again., sallymania, Spudhead McGoo)
9. The Cow didn't. It was all shot in a Hollywood studio, as part of a government coverup. (Krig the Viking)
8. Because she figured the dog would laugh if it saw such sport. (Adam)
7. She could no longer handle that no-talent fiddling cat. (Jeff in Seattle)
6. To upstage the Chicken after that road-crossing stunt (Xalanguan, GC3, Tatut2000, heather rhys meyers, SDF II)
5. The nursery rhyme would have been just silly otherwise. (Aaron Voisine)
4. To Behold the Power of Cheese (DayDreamGirl42, Carlos)
3. Her performance reviews were coming up, and she needed a positive acheivement to offset that whole methane fiasco. (Little Jon)
2. The dish was her lover until it ran away with the spoon. (ArmandsChickenShack, Adam)
1. It's stipulated in her contract under Sect. 32; Sub. Sect. 3: Endorsements: "The signor (hereafter known as 'the cow') does promise to jump, fly, hurtle, or otherwise traverse (in its entirity) the moon at least once before end of contract period for sponser 173-2 (Mother Goose Inc.)" (Deimodius)

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