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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Job Interview Isn't Going Well

(submitted by david scully)

10. Half way through your interviewer asks the janitor to take over while he goes to lunch. (darthgator)
9. "We can't hire anyone till the CEO gets out of jail." (Maniac Bob)
8. Well, it all started when you looked down and realised you probably should have been wearing pants today. (mudworm)
7. The interviewer really doesn't seem impressed when your references come from the guy at the 7-11 and a girl you knew from 4th grade. (Snoop Rob)
6. That's the third cup of scalding hot coffee the interviewer has "accidentally" spilled on you. (al)
5. Your prospective boss has a degree from the same fake university that you do. (JrsyRose)
4. "And now Mr. green if you wouldn't mind stepping out of your pants..." (meow)
3. They keep asking you to bend a spoon using your mind. (pony)
2. Who knew that smelly kid with the funny hair would grow up to work in HR? (Got Tofu?)
1. They keep asking you questions like "Where's the beef?" and "What's the difference between a rabbit?" (david scully)

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