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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses for the Dark Side of the Force

(submitted by SunStrider)

10. Never take the elevator again - just jump straight up the stairwell. (Krig the Viking)
9. Hassle someone across the room without leaving the comfort of your chair. (howard)
8. To know what your girlfriend really wants you to say when she asks you "Does this skirt make me look fat?" (squeezette)
7. With lightning from your fingers, who needs a microwave? (hardwired)
6. Making telemarketers choke and stop talking by raising your hand. (Legnem Cram)
5. Scratching your back in those hard to reach places. (Chuckman 2)
4. "You don't need my license officer." (hardwired)
3. Getting the damn plastic sticker wrappings off new cd's (the dung queen, Jordo)
2. Evil lightning bolts can be used for emergency lighting during power outages. (VISGOTH)
1. "Someone get Vader down here, the garbage disposal is jammed again." (dbcooper)

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