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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons the Metric System isn't Standard in America

(submitted by BKred)

10. That means change. Change makes America angry. You wouldn't like America when it's angry. (Steve hates Wisconsin)
9. It would make it a little too easy for Canada to take over. (Catman)
8. Don't want to let atheist scientists have their way with everything. (MAR)
7. Industrial Action by the Signmakers Union of America to prevent the extra work involved in writing "Kilometers" instead of "Miles". (krayZpaving)
6. Because, like our tax code, we like things needlessly complicated. (mikieb)
5. Department of Homeland Defence believes it to be a terrorist plot. (Squeakgator)
4. A 0.093312 kilogramer with cheese just doesn't roll off your tongue. (Nasty Rash)
3. Why make it easy by dividing by ten all the time? Imperial conversions keep those math skills SHARP! (PennyforaPound)
2. Lower year round temperatures in "Celcius" will surely herald the coming of the second " ice age"! (G-nicest)
1. "Liter" and "meter" and all.. wussy sounding words. "POUND!" Bam! Now that's American! (JrsyRose)

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