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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Should Start Ordering from a Different Pizza Place

(submitted by BKred)

10. Quality ingredients like cheez(tm), garliq(tm) and pepperony(tm) (Shaggy_Wolf)
9. They sing your order back to you . (Ken)
8. You notice a sign on the door: "Dear Customers: we are pleased to announce that 35% of our menu is FDA approved." (Jabba the Fatt)
7. Their slogan is "If it's not there in 30 minutes, it's not getting there." (Spiff)
6. Every time you order a pizza, they ask you for your name, phone number, social security number, date of birth . . . (abby doot)
5. Your "stuffed crust pizza" is stuffed with pudding. (Alfredo Garcia)
4. You have so many of their "$2 off" vouchers you own a controlling interest in the shop. (squeezette)
3. They start a new "meet you halfway" policy for deliveries. (SuperiorGeneral (GO Dominoe's!))
2. The delivery guy waits at your door until you're finished so he can take the box back for the next customer. (AckThwap)
1. Your order of bread sticks are simply the uneaten crust from pizza slices. (Ned Budge)

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