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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Get DSL

(submitted by I did!)

10. RIAA and MPAA are lobbying for a law making DSL a crime ("possesion of bandwidth with intent to pirate.") (garrett)
9. You are of the on-line gaming school that thinks "High-ping bastard" has a nicer ring to it. (Spiff)
8. Dialup teaches patience and dedication. (Flannel)
7. Because you love that noise your modem makes when it's connecting. (darthgator)
6. Script kiddies now get to your system 50 times faster. (srp)
5. You will no longer have the excuse of a slow connection not to download annoying videos of your cousin Jessica's baby spitting up on itself. (Holden)
4. You enjoy the thrill of opening the file you've been downloading for two weeks. (Walrus)
3. Sneaking suspicion that witchcraft is used to get BOTH voice and data over the phone line at the same time! (Mmm, brains?)
2.! (WebFlyer)
1. Convinced the internet fad has run it's course. (Alfredo Garcia)

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