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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Our Education System is Failing

(submitted by Bob Clemmons)

10. You go to someone's house and they have a GED hanging over the fireplace. (DaCarolinaSavage)
9. "top ten signs our edu...ed....wha..?...hold on, lemme sound this out." (Light Warrior)
8. Graduates can diagram the following sentence: We be getting our groove on. (Little Jon)
7. Your subsititute teacher today is a goat. (avril)
6. The sign outside the high school reads, "Drive Careful!" (Maniac Bob)
5. People don't watch Jeopardy anymore to test their knowledge but to check out Alex Trebek's sexy looks. (San Fran)
4. Years and years of college for Christian and Scott amounted to little more than a bunch of top ten lists. (Lettuce)
3. couldn't think of a submission (inspector 42)
2. Student-made paper airplanes can no longer fly far enough to reach the teacher. (xlax)
1. Children beginning to confuse George Washington and Curious George (hahahaha)

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