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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor is a Secret Operative Agent for the CIA

(submitted by MT Nester)

10. He just returned from an extended "Florida Vacation" without a suntan -- but speaking fluent Urdu. (Jeffrey Hall)
9. Comes over and asks to borrow a cup of listening devices. (AckThwap)
8. Someone lives there? (DayDreamGirl42, Hckymanr)
7. His subscription to CIA Today keeps getting left in your mailbox. (lekolight, Deimodius)
6. His entire car pool wears dark Ray Bans and dark suits, every single day. (srp)
5. License Plate frame says: My other car is a Black Helicopter. (Dain)
4. You are pretty sure that Ford does not offer a "smoke screen" option on the Taurus. (Mistergeek)
3. When ever he has friends from work over, driveway is full of unmarked white vans. (Aaron Voisine)
2. He's always blocking your driveway with that damned black helicopter. (bluebottle66)
1. Because every time he goes to XXXXXXXX the XXXXX always XXXXX. (squeezette@Echelon)

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