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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are Working Too Much

(submitted by Johnny Be Good)

10. God comes down from heaven to remind you that even he took the seventh day off. (xlax)
9. You hope someone in your family dies so you can have a couple days off. (I didn't say that)
8. Your boss orders you to go home because you're creeping everyone out. (JrsyRose)
7. Everyone from day, swing, and graveyard thinks you work their shift. (ToJo)
6. Domino's Pizza has limited you to 40 pizzas per month because they are genuinely concerned about your health. (IOIO)
5. Your spouse stops in occasionally to update the photos of your kids.... (No dear I didn't)
4. Your doctor reminds you to get eight hours sleep every day. You want to know if that includes time spent napping on the freeway. (it's okay, you've got cruise control!)
3. The janitor dusts off you and your plants twice a week now. (xporter)
2. Your kids start calling you "Uncle Daddy".
1. You get REALLY ANNOYED when some slacker lets the coffee run out at 4a.m.!!!! (No dear I didn't)

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