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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

This Year's Top Ten Trendy Tax Write-Offs

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10. Contributions to HomeDefense: Bought new car so the terrorists wouldn't win (Major Tom)
9. Temptation Island multiple spouse write-off (vipercat)
8. Not letting the terrorists win - All expenses after September 11 (Pertinax)
7. I wrote off my $300 rebate check from Dubya (CDW)
6. Patriotic lingerie (Got Tofu?)
5. clothes donations from the postponed, postponed Emmys (numbersgirl)
4. Time lost due to CNN watching (Arbie88)
3. Dotcom relief fund. (Codejnki)
2. Depreciation on the 250 flags hung on your house (srp)
1. New Blades for your Accountant's Paper Shredder (Lekolight)

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