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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Classes Offered in Teen Pop Idol School

(submitted by pazzie)

10. Looks 203: Advanced Grooming of Fluffy White-Boy 'Fros (LP)
9. Soc 105: Dating Supermodels: Sharing mirror time (ZiggyBoy)
8. Looks 121: How to look scruffy in $5000 outfits. (not Me)
7. Soc 114: the Virgin/Slut dicotomy (Athene)
6. Popularity 101: how to cash in on your siblings success (oh yea, come here a minute)
5. Econ 102: Less is More: Clothing vs. Profits (kk)
4. Poptarts 101: How to keep your breasts from staying in your shirt (Tin tinn)
3. Linguisnazztics 101: Parental-defying catch-phrases (Major Tom)
2. Art 101: Belly Button Origami (ToJo)
1. History 213: Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune - Surviving Criticism Through the Ages (Major Tom)

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