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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Lessons Learned From Your High School Gym Teacher

(submitted by Kirsten)

10. Square dancing can be considered aerobic exercise. (haha for now)
9. The need for a good education and a good job is nothing compared to the need to "hustle". (Krig the Viking)
8. Serious harm may result from intentional misuse of a jockstrap. (Scott Baio look-alike)
7. A justice system based on running laps might actually work. (SuperiorGeneral)
6. Hanging up the foreign kids isn't funny. (Kingy Dog)
5. You won't be successful in life unless you can dodge flying orbs of rubber. (dbcooper)
4. The proper medical response to a compound fracture is to "walk it off". (Nymaz)
3. Apparently, being able to climb a rope to the gym ceiling and coming back down without falling and killing yourself will help you succeed in life. (Squeakgator)
2. It doesn't matter how fat you are or how many pairs of sweat pants you own, you can still make other people do 100 sit ups. (Sexy Karen)
1. If I were hanging from a building, with only a bar in my hands to pull myself up by, I'd die. Quickly. (foggy)

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