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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things To Do With Leftover Turkey

(submitted by Lumberjack89)

10. Turkey filled Krispy Kremes (Steve Weiss)
9. As seen on the Bob Vila Thanksgiving special, turkey can be used as a caulking for leaky windows. (hoss)
8. Let it get real hard and finally build your son that tree fort he's been wanting. (ChaoticEdge)
7. Remove the mummified one from the refrigerator from last year to make room for this years. (Gusto Macrusto)
6. Put carcass on head. Declare yourself the new Skeletor and demand to be taken to Castle Greyskull. (rorschal)
5. Throw it at passing cars and if anyone questions you, tell them you're teaching it how to fly. (Tin tinn)
4. Use the CHIA-PET concept, but instead of dirt and grass, formed turkey and mold. (KoKo)
3. Zip-tie a leg to the top of your radio controlled car. Then spend the day running it just out of reach of the neighbors chained up pit bull. (Stumpy)
2. Keep different parts frozen for years until you have enough to make your very own Frankenturkey. (BKred, The Incredible Edible Craig, he possessing owlery, supadupa)
1. Turkey neck and assorted bones make an attractive "mobile" or "wind chime". (G-nicest / I'm sure I saw it on Martha Stewart!)

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