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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Fun Ways to Make Your Neighbor Crazy

(submitted by Kirsten)

10. Borrow a cup of sugar and send them grains of it in the mail. (Me^2)
9. Replace his newspaper with yesterday's paper every day for a month. (Wools)
8. Lineup beer bottles and cans on top of the fence that separates your yard and tell them- "As soon as that the background check and 10 day waiting period is over these babies are dust!" (BIGMEX)
7. Put up a "For Sale" sign then get your crazy, red-neck relatives to stay at your house for a week. (Spike)
6. Buy him a lawn gnome, then every night, move it closer to his door. (supadupa)
5. Every other weekend, sneak out at night and move your shared fence 1 inch further onto his property. (Some twit)
4. Invite him over for some poker and roast beef sandwiches, then have your grandmother answer the door, and when he asks for you, have grandma say, "He's been dead for 10 years..." (DK)
3. Tune your universal remote to control his home theatre system, then give it to your 6 year old nephew to play with. (Little Jon)
2. Put cardboard cut-outs of you at every window to make it look like you always watching him. (FALLOUTFUN)
1. Every now and then, add another lawn gnome to his collection. Place them as if they are conspiring with each other. Paint their eyes red. (SuperiorGeneral)

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