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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

The FOX Network's Top Ten Secrets

(submitted by Kingy Dog)

10. Original network slogan: "Find us at the intersection of bad taste and functional illiteracy" (Alfredo Garcia)
9. How to get top ratings by "appearing" to be a terrible station (Me^2)
8. They're planning a 'When FOX producers go dumb' special. (erik)
7. The football games are last year's (
6. The network's top executives are Boston Public drop-outs. (CKblue)
5. They have a ten-year plan to become FOXXX. (nyihockey)
4. Darva Conger? Really a man. (Who Wants to be White Trash?)
3. They've got a new reality show staring Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis. (The Mac Geek)
2. "24" is really only "16" after you subtract the commercials. (Ackhack)
1. In a boardroom when the network was launched, someone said: "Well if we're going to rely on sex appeal rather than progressive programming, why don't we just call it the 'FOX' network?" (Ackhack)

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