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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Not to say at Your Job Interview

(submitted by MT Nester)

10. "I've been an exotic dancer for 5 years now, but I would really like to teach children." (allismarie)
9. "Do I have any computer experience? Of course! I've downloaded over 8500 MP3 songs and porno movies!" (Computer Professional (JDAii))
8. "Experience in web design? Well, I've co-maintained a Top Ten list site for a few years." (Laffman)
7. "I shared a cell with your chief financial officer. He spoke highly of you." (squeezette)
6. "So my aunt Florence, the one i told you had an ulcer -- not the aunt that had the broken washing machine -- well there was this time she didnt have any toll money . . ." (Chris97)
5. "I think I'll let Mr. Socko field that one." (DK)
4. "I brought my own cup to pee in." (darthgator)
3. "Frankly Mr. Eisner, I've never really cared for mice." (Bob Clemmons)
2. "Can I have a raise?" (Tui)
1. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze Mommy?" (JLM2theyounger)

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