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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

My Top Ten Thoughts When I Saw the Flashing Lights in My Rearview Mirror

(submitted by i want a g.i. joe)

10. OK. How long have I been driving on this sidewalk? (keep smiling)
9. Now that is one authoritative ice cream truck. (Qarl)
8. I've never been on "COPS" before. I hope he has the camera turned on. (INV_RAMBO)
7. I guess that "vote no on tax brakes for cops" bumper sticker was a bad idea. (Petals)
6. Hmmm... When did I get a rearview mirror? (Mickey Finn)
5. If a driver passes a speed trap at time T0 going 85 mph, and the cop leaves at time T1 going 95 mph, assuming negligible wind resistance... (Qarl)
4. wooooah, duuuuude, cheeck it out, the mirror is flashing. (travis)
3. Oh no, I must've left the doughnuts on top of the car again. (Kare Bear)
2. Good thing I'm masking the corpse smell in my trunk with pot. (Steve Weiss)
1. What would James Bond do? (Buttsey57)

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