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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Wal-Mart's Top Ten Pet Peeves

(submitted by El_Jefe)

10. Just becuase i drove the electric cart home, doesnt mean i stole it. (sweetness)
9. When the flying yellow smiley-face gets all drunk at the Company Christmas party and starts hitting on the inflatable beach balls in aisle 17. (Deimodius)
8. Freelance greeters. (anglesius)
7. People who use the electronics department for free daycare. (lefty)
6. Child laborers in Guatemalan sweat shop demanding another 2 cents a week! (Guinastasia)
5. The Markdown smiley face gets really annoying when he's drunk - wacks people and gets mad when their price doesn't go down. (talshadar)
4. Falling prices have disabled 545 associates. (widdletimmy)
3. All those damn people who want to put M&Ms on layaway. (bAnAnA, Nicko)
2. Paying minimum wage. (ShakeYourMonMon)
1. Babies. Puppies. The Sun. Happiness. (Janitor Bob)

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