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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You've Learned This Semester

(submitted by Kent)

10. You should find a school on the quarter system so classes only suck for 10 weeks. (lefty)
9. Freshmen aren't indentured servants. (Batman (no thumbs))
8. The answer to every scheduling, catalog, or prerequisite problem is always 'take another class.' (lefty)
7. During a test, never copy off of the guy who is copying off of you. (Krig the Viking)
6. Fruit loops and Mountain Dew is not the breakfast of champions. (Petals)
5. Just because you still have checks doesn't mean you still have money in the bank account. (Batman (no thumbs))
4. You can do a five-diminsional flux intergral ... and nobody cares. (VS)
3. The colour "puke green" is not a misnomer. (vipercat)
2. Duct tape doesn't fix a really bad research paper.
1. The profs are going to teach the same courses next semester, and you're going to be there. (Maniac Bob)

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