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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Misconceptions from Reading Top Ten Lists

(submitted by ASB)

10. You must need to give your teacher 10 different reasons for why you don't have your homework... (M@)
9. Everyone who submits entries is funny and creative (Snuk!)
8. I am one of the funniest people on the internet (squeezette)
7. Everybody has a really cool or unusal name but me (Bob)
6. Start calling yourself "Laffman" and you'll never be ranked lower than 8th (Steve hates Wisconsin)
5. References to voices in one's head are always good for a laugh (rorschak)
4. Spelling cuonts! (JLM2)
3. The funniest answer is always #3 (Bob Clemmons)
2. The number three entry always sucks. (Faux Pas)
1. To indulge their own sense of subtle dry humor, C & S sometimes switch list items 2 and 3 (Ackhack)

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