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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little-Known Facts about Saint Valentine

10. He was supposed to get his own cereal too, but somebody thought a leprachaun named "Lucky" would be more popular. (Mute)
9. His real name was Charlie Brown. Ironic. (definitely-not-laffman)
8. Contrary to popular opinion, Valentine actually spent most of his time locked in his room, writing angsty goth poetry and listening to 'Gunning Down Romance' over and over. (don't ask)
7. He wasn't actually a saint. How could he be after causing so much trouble for all those single people? (anonymous)
6. Was a real man who wrote heartfelt letters to fellow Christians from his cell... on little cards with Pooh bear on the front. (JrsyRose)
5. He was actually allergic to chocolate and pollen. (squeezette, DK)
4. He was origionally seleceted as Patron Saint of Peanut Butter. (Lekolight)
3. He thought the coconut chocolates were gross too. (Sitase-chan)
2. The rest of the year, he and his identical twin brother, Saint Patrick, split duties as the Tooth Fairy. (darthgator)
1. He was murdered by irate Romans after persisting in following them around and chanting "Julius and Helena, sitting in a tree!" for days on end. (well wouldn't you?)

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