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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Acts of Lesser Known Presidents

(submitted by Bob Clemmons)

10. William Taft secretly was president with his twin brother, Robert, making people wonder with simultaneous appearances in Vermont and Texas (Steve hates Wisconsin)
9. James K. Polk gets everything right. No campaign lies; no screw-ups. No one seems to care. (Good Ol' Horseface)
8. Taft declared February 17th National Heiney Day. Happy Heiney Day, everyone!! (rorschak)
7. William Henry Harrison's waging of a 39 day war against Switzerland. (JMC)
6. Grover Cleveland's "No Child Left Unemployed" Act. (Sitase-chan)
5. Richard Nixon: Also chopped down a cherry tree. Burned the evidence. (JrsyRose)
4. Grover Cleveland -- proposed radical constitutional amendment that would have given the vote to sock puppets. (GeoffLaw)
3. John Tyler, the 10th US President, used to boast that he was among the TOP TEN United States presidents of all time. (Ackhack)
2. President Garfield's economy jump-starting "10 Hot dogs, 12 hot dog rolls" program. (ForcedToFade+MiKeLaw!!)
1. As part of Reconstruction, Rutherford B. Hayes invented fictional president "Millard Fillmore" to cover up time in 1850s when the US was ruled by Confederacy. (JMC)

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