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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Hide Weapons of Mass Destruction

(submitted by rorschak)

10. Dress it up like a lawn gnome. (evil minion)
9. Put them in the dryer. They'll disappear with your socks. (jack michaels)
8. A few throwpillows here, a framed picture there... within the right decor and color scheme, they can be very tasteful pieces in any home. (Ilsoap)
7. Behind George Steinbrenner's Ego (DA maNA)
6. Put them in Cuba. Nobody looks there any more. (squeezette)
5. Hide them in a hollowed-out book with "101 Hilarious Tax Law Anecdotes" on the cover. No one will ever look in there. (mind's_eye)
4. Put them in boxes labeled "Disco Fever 8-Traks." (Dancing Queen)
3. Cargo Pockets (Magik)
2. Nothing says "Camouflage" like the J. Peterman 'Urban Missle Cover' (available in colors: stone, brick, chartreuse, hunter green, and Stars & Stripes) Item #455543-09 (darthgator)
1. Millions of big nose and mustache glasses (Kj with the mid day, Dedwayk)

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