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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Michael Jackson's Top Ten Pet Peeves

(submitted by The Kitten Dutchess)

10. Losing races in Neverland Go Carts "by a nose" (Bob Clemmons)
9. That darn pirate they call Hook (Kj with the mid day)
8. All the direct mail he gets from tanning salons (squeezette)
7. Green peace constantly nagging about his face not being biodegradable. (Jenmini)
6. He lost his "Buy 10 Plastic Surgeries, Get One Free" card, and he only had one more to go. (JDAii)
5. Imitators who keep putting the glove on the wrong hand (Skating Zebra)
4. "I like that one music video that was just like Wierd Al Yankovic's!" (pazzie)
3. The monkey keeps leaking stories to the tabloids. (No dear I didn't)
2. Kids keep asking him to play the 'got your nose' game. (webflyer)
1. Catholic priests cutting into his turf (Warlok)

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