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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Personalized License Plates

(submitted by Sammy C)

10. NOIDEAS (dbcooper)
9. ID8 DYKS (the lesbian heart throb)
8. IAMB4U (Steve hates Wisconsin)
7. GZUND8 (on my VW Fox wagon) (Argenfarg the Tasteless)
6. Martha Stewart -- NSIDER (hoss)
5. NOBRAKES (Golfer)
4. INNIE found on the license plate of an Audi (Not2Famous)
3. Saddam Hussien's -- NONUKES (hoss)
2. SHE WON (divorcee)
1. IML8 (on a white VW Rabbit) (Maniac Bob)

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