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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Reality TV Shows That Will Air In The Near Future

(submitted by conan rox)

10. "Pet Marriage:" From the people who brought you "Married By America" bring you "Married By Your Pet" the show where your pet decides who gets married (ericka)
9. "Xtreme Prankster:" Hours and hours of footage of the presenter knocking on doors and then running away, giggling (they're planning a second series!)
8. "Who wants to be on who wants to be on a reality TV show?" (msjulianne)
7. "Tickle Factor" (Laffman)
6. "People who do things in their house!" (Golfer)
5. "Joe Celebrity:" Women fight over a man they believe to be a celebrity but they find out it's really just one of the "other" Baldwin brothers (BAG Boy)
4. "The Big Cheese:" Twenty People all stuck in a house, all they have is cheese. People self eliminate. Who will be the Big Cheese? (cheesy)
3. "Clench: He Who Poops Last Poops Best!" (rorschak)
2. "Something's Different About You:" Newlyweds are challenged to locate one another in a crowded disco after both undergo heavy plastic surgery. (Major Tom)
1. "UN Survivor:" Which nation will be the first voted out of the U.N.? (greta)

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