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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten White House April Fool's Pranks

(submitted by Bob Clemmons)

10. Bush tells Dick Chaney to "go stand in the corner" while they're in the oval office. (WillieBEZ)
9. Start using fuschia and magenta to describe threat levels. (radman3636)
8. Dubya wakes up wearing a military uniform with a painted moustache and the phrase, "Vive la France!" painted onto his forehead. (Walrus)
7. Replacing "Iraq" with "Iran" in the teleprompter text for the president, and seeing if he notices. (Laffman)
6. April Fools President Bush! Yes, I know I said that last month. (Sha-Zapple)
5. Putting those stickers that look like bullet holes on the windows of the Presidential Limousine. (Squeezette)
4. Send out a memo to France and Germany telling them they're getting top billing on next year's "Axis of Evil" list. (Tristan)
3. Leave a box in the Oval Office marked "The Rest of the Florida Ballots". (GC3)
2. Hey, Dubya, gullible is written on the ceiling. (erik)
1. "Okay, who made the oval office square?" (musikFreak)

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