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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things To Pack When Exiled

(submitted by jk60611)

10. Those little chocolate candies they only sell on the corner of Hussein Blvd. (Batman (no thumbs))
9. Your favorite book - "Chicken Soup for the Dictator's Soul" (hoss)
8. Your 'Honorary Republican Guard' T-Shirt (BangoBango)
7. Map of the ancient world and rose colored glasses (Carl the bear)
6. Those cute ceramic wall sconces from the rape room. (Danny Vermin)
5. Martha Stewart's "Make Your Cave a Palace" guide (alikat)
4. All your back issues of "Dictator's Weekly" (squeezette)
3. Plenty of peanut butter. You never really know where you are with that mushy foreign gunk. (bemused_meerkat)
2. Grandma's Anthrax Recipe (jk60611)
1. Your trophy that reads "Number one dictator" (k.a)

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