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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You Wish You Hadn't Done During March Madness

(submitted by Buttsey57)

10. Bought more TVs than there are electric sockets in your house (lure of the salesman)
9. Picked Southwestern Picketville State College over College of William's Bend in the final (DA maNA)
8. Affixed your "hat" made from half a basketball to your head... with the stapler gun (Danny Vermin)
7. Told your friends you could get 64 points in Mountain Dew caps in one day (JaxSean)
6. It wasn't betting your bottom dollar on Kentucky that killed you; it was betting your first-born that Arizona would win that's really hurting now. (Tristan)
5. Unilaterally invaded a fractious Middle Eastern country (Geoduck)
4. Repeated the same bad joke ("Don't get mad, get March GLADness!") until your friends had to pummel you into subconsciousness (Danny Vermin)
3. Commended your conservative teammate: "I want to give a shout out to the Republican Guard!" (Laffman)
2. Painted your entire head orange with semi-gloss exterior paint (damn stuff won't come off) (crazedcusefan189 (a.k.a. hotshot_724))
1. Delayed your wedding until the end of overtime (DONNO1841)

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