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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Explain the Mysterious Disappearence of Your Dad's Car

(submitted by Heres Johnny)

10. "Dad, have you ever heard of a Flux Capacitor?" (Doc "Great Scott" Brown)
9. "The guy from the government said the Patriot Act said he could take it." (So your livimg in a police state)
8. "I told you, Dad, you've got to remember the parking brake." (Tristan)
7. "One minute I'm talking to Wynonna Ryder, and the next minute it was gone." (AckThwap)
6. "See there was this guy with a cow and some magic beans, and I know Mom wouldn't let us keep the cow." (Major Tom)
5. "See, Dad, there were these four balrogs who were desperately trying to get away from some guy in a white, pointy hat." (I love mini-balrogs!)
4. "It'll be like the good ole days, Dad: ten miles in the snow over broken glass barefoot uphill both ways every day to the office!" (Mew)
3. "It's somewhere in Lot C at the airport and I'm waiting for everyone else to pull out so you can find it." (Major Tom)
2. "You may not understand now, but you'll thank me one day." (maiagotthatDUKE)
1. "I don't remember where I left it, but when the credit card bill shows up, we should have a pretty good idea." (Sick Boy)

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