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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs the Internet Will Destroy us All

(submitted by BKred)

10. "If this banner is flashing, the planet will self-destruct in 5,4,3..." (msjulianne)
9. There's no 'I' in team but there's a big fat 'I' right at the beginning of 'Internet', coincidence? I think not. (Buttsey57)
8. Well, presumably someone out there must intentionally click on Pop-Up ads. That's a pretty strong indictator that the human race is doomed. (dukk)
7. Bush replaces his entire cabinet of advisors with (Dr. Onteevee)
6. Those flying bezier lines on my screensaver occasionally form the words "Death to Geeks." (Ackhack)
5. Seeing parts of Lord of the Rings before they were actually made will rip a hole in space and time. (Buttsey57)
4. All the bits are constantly recycled, and they're never sanitized. (Maniac Bob)
3. With the amount of porn it can send back and forth, it's just a matter of time before computers can get pregnant and spawn by themselves. (Derekdammit)
2. Prophecy from Nostrodamus that declares, "And a web will be spun in the dawn of infinite thoughts, and it's tendrils will choke all the life with bad vanity pages, and IPOs." (Deimodius)
1. You get an email saying your next 8 months of oxygen will be free, but you can get the full year's worth for a mere $10.95 annual fee. (DK)

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