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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs It's Finally Spring

(submitted by Deimodius (stupid weather!))

10. The homies have put away their puffy winter jackets and have started wearing their puffy spring jackets. (Deimodius)
9. Chicago cab drivers are breaking out the 100% cotton turbans and putting away their wool ones. (Gusto)
8. The hookers in Brooklyn are wearing their warm weather fish-nets. (Buttsey57)
7. The President lobs the first dribbler of the season to a third-string catcher who will ride the bench all year. (Deimodius)
6. The neighborhood children are building "mud-men". (DA maNA)
5. Left arms of farmers are getting darker. (scot)
4. The majestic return of the hobos from Capistrano. (Drewpy)
3. Stores begin announcing "Only 242 shopping days until Christmas". (JrsyRose)
2. Taliban women are showing their ankles. (Steve Weiss)
1. The Detroit Tigers are mathematically eliminated from the playoff race. (Laffman)

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