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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You Ignored

(submitted by ASB)

10. All the Skool teechrs tellin U tat U kneed to pay mor atenion in clas (Not2Famous)
9. Some place called Canada? (Drunken Vet Student)
8. Everything but the ass of the girl in front of you at the mall. (Steve hates Wisconsin)
7. and rules syntax grammar (GigaBob)
6. Pants... again (Ev)
5. Well, the farmer was right, llammas just DON'T like to be kissed... (Buttsey57)
4. My mom and my teacher, I can't believe I SHOT MY EYE OUT!! (Buttsey57)
3. The nephew I was supposed to be babysitting. Who knew a two-year-old could chew through electrical wire THAT fast? (bemused_meerkat)
2. The number one entry. Damn funnier-than-me bastard. (JrsyRose)
1. The Homeland Advisory's "Pink" alert on Valentine's Day. (Laffman)

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