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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Oldest Tricks in the Book

(submitted by ASB)

10. Painting the road and a tunnel onto the side of a mountain (Buttsey57)
9. "He was dead when I got here." (GC3)
8. Lifting the football right before someone kicks it (charlie brown)
7. Yawning while wrapping your arm around that "special" lady. Baum-cha-chik-baum. (Dr. Smooth)
6. Letting there be light (Oh yeah, never seen THAT one before...)
5. Hollering upstairs to the kid your babysitting "Go to sleep or the yellow monster of death will get you" while simultaneously bobbing a yellow helium balloon on a string outside his window. (mgcbyfkay)
4. I was hiding crap under my bed and lying about it years before Saddam (JrsyRose)
3. Iocane powder (Joel G)
2. "We're liberators, not occupiers." (TheRob)
1. "No honey, if anything it makes you look even skinnier!" (Buttsey57)

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