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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons the Titanic Sank

(submitted by Starfish911)

10. Captain ignored the "Iceberg Crossing" signs. (Daddy don't take no wooden cruises...)
9. Unruly youths running back and forth across the deck, screaming, "ROCK THE BOAT! ROCK THE BOAT!" (Moose Jones)
8. Long-range Canadian plan to establish pop singer who will eventually rule Vegas. (rorschak)
7. "ha! i'll bet you a months salery that i can navigate that iceberg field..." (XskinnyX)
6. The hole made by the iceberg actually wasn't large enough to sink the boat. Unfortunately, crewman William (Bonehead) Johnson used dynamite charges to create a second hole for the water to run out. (notMe)
5. The radical "colander" hull design proved to be ineffective (GeoffLaw)
4. Rednecks were trying to "dynamite-fish" in the pool. (Sven(HeyYa'llWatchThis!)Sweden)
3. Big...flippin'...damn--CREVICE PUMAS!!! Crevice Pumas swam up outta...those...deep-sea vent...things and scratched the hull all to crap!!! Crevice Pumas!!! (Good Ol' Horseface)
2. Filthy rich sociallites insisted on solid gold staterooms. (VISGOTH)
1. "Look, lads, this hull is perfectly safe! Ryan, hand me that sledgehammer there and I'll demonstrate." (Capt. Deimodius. HMS. Titantic)

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