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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things We've Learned From Fairy Tales

(submitted by dewie)

10. Woodland creatures are more co-operative than I had been led to believe. (breepsheep)
9. No matter how nice they look, old women really just want to eat you. (yummy)
8. Sweedish children are very, very stupid. (Buttsey57 (From FRANCE!))
7. You can kill people in imaginatively horrible ways and still receive a hero's welcome back home if your your victim was ugly enough. (looked like the shifty type to me)
6. Building contractors regularly get commissions for surprisingly high towers in the middle of nowhere. (couldn't they just get a condo?)
5. If you're not named after a color, you're doomed to spend forever lonely. (Sexy Karen)
4. "No honey, not tonight, I ate another poisoned apple." is not a valid excuse after 500 years of use by every wench and maid. (Buttsey57 en France)
3. Kissing sleeping girls who don't know you is a really good idea. (VISGOTH, Splunge)
2. The number one entry is too big, the number two entry is too small, but the number three entry is always just right. (KSG)
1. If there's a hot chick stuck in a tower, just walk away, cause there's a reason she's up there. (The Incredible Edible Craig)

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