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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

McDonald's Top Ten Secrets

(submitted by Love You 2)

10. Ronald McDonald is on his 15th facelift to erase laugh lines. (bluebottle66)
9. Well, have you ever wondered what part of a chicken is the "McNugget"? (JrsyRose)
8. Heroin in the meat to keep the kids coming back. (mitchwolf175)
7. Executive dining room serves only tofu burgers. (notMe)
6. They have genetically engineered an animal that produces meat that tastes like beef AND chicken. They have massive farms of these winged bovine in southern Texas. (dbcooper)
5. They really could get your order right every time, but they want to make it clear that you really can't always have it "your way". (DA maNA)
4. A top-secret fish farm where they raise little square ones for the sandwiches. (JrsyRose)
3. Mayor McFry is a puppet figure, covering up Grimace's strict, despotic rule. (JrsyRose)
2. The McSoylent Green is really made from people by-products and filler, not actual people. (Faux Pas)
1. The price of smiles is already calculated into every item, so technically they are not free. (Neb)

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