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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs School Budgets Are Being Cut

(submitted by KSNIXA)

10. The lunchlady was fired and replaced by a modified frozen yogurt machine that dispenses "nutrition slurry." (Buttsey57)
9. School busing is now combined with prisoner transfers. (BJBaby)
8. Chalkboards are being replaced by giant Etch-A-Sketches to reduce costs on chalk. (Dan)
7. Instead of a hoity-toity band, your music program is performing "Take me out to the Ballgame" at your prom. (DKitz)
6. Each class has only one text book: every student gets a page and after reading it pases it to the student on their left until they have the page they started with. (G-nicest)
5. The crossing guard has been replaced by a sign that just says "Run like hell!!!!" (Oops I did it again.)
4. The football team is sharing uniforms with the gymnastics team. (DKitz)
3. Elementary School pupils now literally have to "buy a vowel" whenever it is necessary in spelling classes. (Thomas Palsson)
2. Counselors are encouraging students to get their GED instead. (javione)
1. They can't afford those ritzy portables anymore and are now using tents. (Geoduck)

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