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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Turning 30 Isn't So Bad After All

(submitted by hans moleman)

10. You already lost all your youth when you turned 20 anyway. (tigger)
9. When you get older your memory goes and you don't have to drink as much to forget how old you are. (Rouge Panda)
8. You college loans are paid off, now you can start on the mortgage and credit cards. (Donno1841)
7. It's not entirely creepy when you're attracted to a nineteen year old. (inspector 42)
6. You're still 25 years away from being a "senior citizen". (did i do dat?)
5. Finally get to drop the charade of trying to fit all those candles on the same damn cake. (bitter)
4. You get to join a whole new demographic group for marketing surveys! (Squeezette)
3. In only 5 years, you can run for President! (JLM2b30again)
2. At least you aren't 31. (Rosie)
1. It's finally time to teach those whipper snapper kids who keep prancing around on your lawn a lesson. (Sexy V)

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