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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Relationship is Getting "Serious"

(submitted by Catman)

10. He's started introducing you as his girlfriend. (What that isn't how it goes?)
9. Her dad takes you shooting. (evenkele)
8. You turn on your TV and find that it's tuned to the Home & Garden Channel. (Derekdammit)
7. Your boyfriend grew a beer belly and turned bald overnight. (Flip201)
6. You just had a big party where you had to get all dressed up in a tuxedo. (El Barton)
5. Everytime something wedding-related comes on TV, she slugs you in the shoulder. (Derekdammit)
4. You've discovered why there is a comfy chair in the women's department at Bloomingdale's. (badgered)
3. You're arguing about the price of frozen sticks of butter. (Flip201)
2. You auctioned off your little black book on ebay. (Carl the bear)
1. Your cell-mate keeps telling you how good you smell. (JrsyRose)

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