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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Lance Armstrong's Top Ten Tour de France Pet Peeves

(submitted by Luv U 2)

10. The new obstacle course with ramps and fiery hoops of death. (LiC)
9. That guy on the stolen Walmart motorized shopping cart who tries to race him up hills. (silver girl)
8. Have YOU ever drafted behind a Frenchman??? WWhhheeeew ! (Major Tom)
7. The yellow leader's jersey clashes horribly with his bike's paint scheme... (Skating Zebra)
6. The noise the Italian competitors make on their Vespas. (Cyrano)
5. Being ahead means you get all the bugs. (Lizard)
4. Since Lance's team is sponsored by Priority Mail, he has to make a few deliveries along the way. (chitownmafia)
3. The concession stands refuse to sell him Freedom Fries. (Major Tom)
2. All the French people keep surrendering when he rides by. (lumberjack)
1. Trying to put his bicycle in the overhead compartment after the airlines lost his bike last year. (Donno1841)

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