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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Keep Your Mismatched Socks

(submitted by pitylist)

10. They go so perfectly with your tie dye shirt, cut off jeans and mullet. (DA maNA)
9. You just went through the heartache of losing one sock, why make it harder on yourself? (Shaggy Wolf)
8. You're promoting diversity over conformism. Free the opressed and unmatched socks! (forward_brave_comrades)
7. Sew them all together to make a fashionable chemise. (Moooooooooooose)
6. Your "Ex" may come back to you and bring the other half of the pair lost in the "even split of communal property". (JLM2ndhalf)
5. Warhead cozies. (Cyanide)
4. You have a house elf's sense of style. (Helix Potter)
3. Great Christmas gifts for Crazy Uncle Louie. (El Gee)
2. Make good sacrifices to the dryer gods who are always hungry for more socks. (Laffman)
1. Keep them in the dryer as bait for the gnomes that stole them. Gnomes are worth a fourtune on e-bay these days. (EMMY)

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