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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Changes If Arnold Schwarzenegger is Elected Governor of California

10. "English as a Second Language" will become a top educational priority. (radman3636)
9. Minnesota will no longer be able claim that "Our Governor Can Beat Up Your Governonr" without some discussion. (darthgator)
8. All state employees' uniforms wil be a black leather jacket with sunglasses (squeezette)
7. Anyone who tries another recall election will be quickly terminated. (Laffman)
6. The state's spelling would be changed to Cah-lee-FORN-ya (hypens included). (Oops I did it again., Major Tom, I'll be Bach)
5. The Lt. Governor position will be renamed "Governor's Work-out Buddy." (darthgator)
4. School Fire Alarms will be changed to 'GEHT DAWWWWN!' (Buttsey57)
3. Bad Arnold impersonations will be a jailable offense. (webflyer)
2. California will gain a reputation where anything goofy can happen... oh, nevermind (AckThwap)
1. Record wind storms in Washington State as ex-Californians breathe sighs of relief that they're not there anymore (Warlok)

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