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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Slogans for Gary Coleman's Campaign for California Governor

(submitted by What the DILLY-O?!)

10. Gary Coleman won't fall short! (Buttsey57)
9. Gary Coleman: Saving the California people money because he gets into Disneyland for the Child's price. (Snoop Rob)
8. Half the troubles of Gray Davis (TheRob)
7. Break the Different Stokes curse. Vote Coleman! (ToJo)
6. He'll make short order of the budget deficit. (Sexy V)
5. Who better for Governor of California than someone who looks like one of the California Raisins? (Dan)
4. He'll take a bite out of crime's ankles. (Buttsey57)
3. Hey, atleast he's not Webster (bobby plant)
2. Remember that movie "Twins?" (TheRob)
1. It's either Governor or 'Diff'rent Strokes: The Next Generation' -- You Decide. (Moose)

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